Time and Labor

Labor costs are often the largest expense for a business. Control these costs with automated time and attendance management. Manual attendance management is not only complicated and error-prone, it also makes it difficult to document infractions and prove compliance. Reduce the time that your managers spend in tracking T&L, PTO and Scheduling. Give them the freedom to focus more on bottom-line and growth-oriented responsibilities.

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    Our Features

    Eliminate buddy punching with personalized technology. Apply geo-fencing to your locations, and know where your employees are when they clock in.

    Simplify routine tasks such as responding to time-off requests and managing schedules that integrate into Payroll using built-in work flows.

    Track and understand true labor costs by enforcing user-defined pay rules that align with your strategic goals.

    Capture accurate timekeeping data live from time clocks, the web, and mobile options. Implement schedules that align staffing with operational goals.

    Robust reporting provides real-time insight to drive more informed decision-making and helps you optimize your labor spend.

    Easily manage exceptions, including missed punches and early/late arrivals, at any time.

    According to studies by the Robert Half Agency and the American Payroll Association (APA)

    It takes, on average, six minutes to add and audit just one employee’s time card.

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