Letter from the President

Letter from the President

Over 8 years ago I sent a letter to my professional contacts, friends and family announcing that I was starting A La Carte. Today, with letter #2, I am very excited to announce that I have started my second company, Arete HCM Solutions! Both companies were born from a vision and recognition of a true need in the business community. Both companies offer personalized service that directly impacts the Owners and Managers of the companies that we work with.

Just as A La Carte fills the operational needs of small to midsize companies, allowing them to tap into decades of experience as they need to, Arete now fills a much needed, much anticipated demand for quality support and service from an accurate, effective resource in the HR & payroll industry.

Just as A La Carte offers all services from a business management mindset, Arete is following suit, and taking everyday payroll services to the next level! Now Owners, CFO’s and HR Managers can have a single database system that covers all of their HR system needs: everything from running an employment listing, on-boarding staff, administering benefits, job costing, even scheduling… oh and we do payroll!

Since 2010 I have been consistently humbled by the word of mouth that has grown A La Carte and honored to be trusted by you with your clients, friends and family. I am now looking forward to exceeding your expectations with Arete HCM Solutions!

I am optimistic that you will find it exciting to share this news with your network and help us spread the word that there is a better way to manage business HR needs and my team is anxious to assist!

Thank you for supporting my visions. I look forward to connecting with you soon!


Chris Belna


P.S.        Inquiring minds may want to know:       Arete was derived from the Latin word arête [ahr-i-tey] meaning excellence in everything and HCM = Human Capital Management

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