Sr Payroll HCM Implementations & Service Specialist

Arete HCM Solutions Inc. assists companies who employ 1000 or less employees with a need for a HCM solution from pre-hire to retire. We focus on our client’s needs to manage payroll, staff, benefit administration, PTO accruals, applicant tracking and much, much more. Arete is a sister company to A La Carte Business Services Inc., which is a fast growing, well-recognized, local firm that specializes in outsourced accounting and business management. Together we offer cutting edge solutions for our clients ever changing operational needs!

Mission for Sr. Payroll/HCM Implementation & Service Specialist

This is an executive summary of the job’s core purpose. It defines role outcomes, aligns the position with the team and our Culture, and ensures that you understand your expectations.

Core Purpose.

To structure & develop processing guidelines. To lead team members to achieve client onboarding goals and meet deadlines. To perform system demonstrations with prospects. To implement and oversee client HCM systems within assigned deadlines. To promote additional, appropriate system needs to Clients as deemed fit. To work with Management to meet and exceed Company revenue goals. To represent the Company and its Clients in an ethical, kind, helpful and professional manner.


Team Lead Role

  • Mentor and guide team members
  • Schedule client implementations, delegate tasks and oversee that weekly payroll deadlines are met
  • Work with Management and Sales to expedite client onboarding and sales
  • Achieve revenue goals through timely implementations
  • Set and maintain metrics for implementation and processing time
  • Develop procedures and internal protocols and processes

General & Administrative Functions

  • Understand internal metrics and process improvements
  • Follow given timeline metrics
  • Think out of the box, be curious and seek a true understanding of the tasks at hand and their effects

Client System Builds

  • Build system modules and specifics based on the order details
  • Plan the build using correct steps and in the correct order of each other
  • Work effectively ensuring accuracy and efficiency
  • Seek improved methods
  • Use the system in correct manners
  • Make suggestions for Client best practices and internal procedural needs
  • Communicate with Clients and lead the process to assist them in reaching data deadlines


  • Acts as the primary point of contact for the client
  • Take accountability for the on-boarding schedules
  • Perform implementations with the client needs and concerns as the priority
  • Train Clients in a calm, yet assertive manner, considering their technical skill level, available time and schedules
  • Work with the Client’s team to ensure a strong understanding of the system
  • Go above and beyond to simplify and ease the process (Transitioning is not an easy thing for Clients)

Increase Revenue Opportunities

  • Manage multiple tasks to allow for increased sales and implementation schedules
  • Meet deadlines ensuring that new billing starts within goal parameters communicated to you at the time of the sale
  • Suggest Marketplace Add-Ons to Management/Sales if appropriate
  • Communicate sales opportunities to Management/Sales

Produce Accurate and On-Time Payroll Processing

  • Acts as the primary point of contact for the client.
  • Manage workflow and communicate with Clients to receive payroll data to process
  • Follow Company procedures and use checklists
  • Process with and review work for accuracy
  • Submit all files and confirm submission receipt before ending the work day.


  • Be professional, kind, helpful and clear in all communications, written and verbal
  • Ask Management for guidance if unsure of how to respond or act to a situation

1st Class Client Service

  • Answer the questions before they have to ask
  • Be their partner
  • Help them understand
  • Keep them calm and ensure that they feel supported in all situations
  • Exceed their expectations

Outside Party Interactions

  • You are a representative of the Company, its purposes and values. Take that seriously and act accordingly.

Support Teammates

  • Be kind and helpful
  • If you have extra time, ask your teammates how you can help
  • Work with others to meet deadlines
  • Enjoy the support of your teammates talents and knowledge
  • Collaborate to learn, grow, better service the Clients and best represent the Company


Not listed in order of importance. They are all vital to the success of your position, the team and the Company’s objectives.

Efficiency. Able to produce significant output with minimal waste.

Honesty and integrity. Does not cut corners ethically. Earns trust and maintains confidences. Does what is right, regardless of its difficulty level. Speaks plainly and truthfully.

Organization and planning. Plans, organizes, schedules and budgets in efficient and productive manners, while focusing on key priorities.

Decisiveness. Moves quickly and takes a strong stand without being abrasive.

Commitments. Appropriately follows through. Lives up to promises made and the details of verbal and written commitments and agreements, regardless of personal cost.

Intelligence. Eager and open to continuously learn. Demonstrates the ability to quickly and proficiently understand and absorb new information.

Analytical skills. Exhibits a curious mind and seeks new methods. Able to structure and process qualitative or quantitative data and draw insightful conclusions from it.

Attention to detail. Does not let important details slip through the cracks or derail a project or deadline.

Persistence. Demonstrates tenacity and willingness to go the distance to get something done and done right.

Proactivity. Follows protocols and acts without having to be told what to do.

Flexibility and adaptability. Adjusts quickly to changing priorities and conditions. Copes effectively with complex situations and change.

Calm under pressure. Maintains stable performance when under heavy deadlines, strain or stress.

Creativity and innovation. Generates new and innovative approaches to problems. Brings new ideas to the Company for consideration.

Work ethic. Possesses a strong willingness to work hard and sometimes long hours to get the job done. Has a track record of going the extra mile.

High standards. Expects personal performance and team performance to be nothing short of the “Best”. Inspires others to step up.

Listening skills. Lets others speak and seeks to understand their viewpoints.

Persuasion. Able to convince others to pursue a course of action to meet objectives.

Openness to criticism and ideas. Often solicits feedback and reacts calmly to criticism or negative feedback. Considers and acts on advice for better results and professional growth.

Teamwork. Reaches out to peers and cooperates with Management to establish overall collaborative working relationships.

Coachability. Willing to learn from others and open to accept new or different ways.

Keep ego under control. Willing to weigh up other opinions and ideas, seeking a better way. Able to listen, consider, accept and grow through improvement and adjustments, whether they are your ideas or not.

Communications. Responds in a timely manner to requests and received communications. Speaks and writes clearly and articulately without being overly verbose or talkative. Maintains these standards in all forms of written communications, including email.

Social Media. Represents a professional and ethical presence in all online posts, personally and professionally. Able to be confident that in the fact that anyone could see and read what is posted.

Kindness. Be respectful of others. Just be nice!

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