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Our name was inspired by the Greek word Arête, meaning excellence in all things.

After many years of experience in business operations, Arete was founded by Chris Belna. Chris wanted to build a Human Capital Management and Payroll company that would challenge the current industry. Arete is built on a foundation of excellent customer service, outstanding value for every client, and personalized solutions.

Our passion and dedication to the client experience is what drives us. By providing great service and unique, helpful resources, our clients are free to focus on strategic development and growth.

Our Team


Director of Treats & Belly Rubs


Chief of Storytelling

Heather Hnatko

Client Specialist

Katy Carlton

Senior Payroll & Implementation Specialist

Lesley Wilcox

Director of Operations

Richard Wicks

Client Specialist

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Lisa Thurston Branch Operations Manager

When Chris Belna saw there was a need for a payroll company that offered a number of HR options for companies to pick and choose their services, she decided to create ARETE. They are taking care of our payroll needs now. Every time I have called with questions or requests, the staff has been attentive and thorough. They are patient and professional.
I am always impressed by their level of dedication to research what is new in their industry and to take the time to learn all about it so they can offer the most up to date services. I would highly recommend Arete for all your service needs.

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Paul Fried President

I cannot say enough “good” about Arete HCM Solutions! Having a service that cares about perfection, follows through and generally cares about my business is quite a bit different than the “big” services out there. I cannot recommend them enough!

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Chris Avery COO of IBN Financial

We have been using Arete payroll services since their inception and have not had one question or issue that they have not handled immediately and effectively. Great job!

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Our clients will always be treated in a kind and ethical manner. We will offer valuable services, pleasant experiences and personal, first-class assistance. We will strive to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Your confidential matters will be respected and your business will be taken seriously.

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